What a day! What a final!

By Carolina Beresford

What a day! What a final! The polo gods blessed us with an afternoon of 2-pointers, long shots, fast-paced action, and our very first XPL champion! Polo fans and novices flocked from all over to witness the magic at the Argentine Association of Polo in Pilar, Argentina. Action kicked off with La Aguada and La Albertina Abu Dhabi fighting for third place; after six incredibly tight chukkas, the match was forced into overtime. One goal—all that was needed to define the match. Both teams pushed hard to gain possession from the throw-in, but in the end La Aguada’s experience proved superior. They scored the golden goal to claim the XPL bronze medal. The clock stuck three. The moment finally arrived: just six chukkers stood between Las Monjitas, Ellerstina, and XPL fame. Power suites and grandstands were packed with spectators, waiting to see the sport in all its glory. And with four 10-goalers on the field, three rising stars, two goals from beyond the 80-yard mark, and one ultimate champion, they were far from disappointed. Las Monjitas were fully focused throughout the match, but Ellerstina frontman Facundo Pieres was able to take control from early on and dictate the play. With the Castagnola brothers helping him out in offence, and his cousin Polito smashing the ball unbelievable distances, Ellerstina was able to secure an advantage by the end of the sixth. Sticks were sent flying and shouts of jubilation echoed around the field as the final bell rang and Ellerstina celebrated their well-deserved victory. Congratulations Ellerstina: XPL CHAMPIONS!

The XPL is set to hit the road in 2020! Are you ready for more high-goal action? First stop: Palm Beach, USA! #XPL #PoloOurWay #XPLPolo

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