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A self-sustaining professional polo league that works to make the sport more dynamic, entertaining, and inclusive. The XPL looks to de-stigmatize the elitist connotations surrounding the sport, while both sustaining the current high-end audience and attracting a new wave of supporters.

The XPL playbook


Teams in the XPL will be divided into 2 zones of 3. The 1st placed teams will be matched against each other for the final game and the XPL’s Season 1 Championship.


Players are rated individually from 0 to 10 (with ten being the highest) according to their ability and performance within their team. The sum of all four players totals the handicap of the team. The difference in handicap between one team and another is translated to goals in favour of the team with the lower handicap at the beginning of a match.


A polo match is traditionally divided into chukkas, periods of play. The XPL divides its matches into six chukkas, each lasting 6 and a half minutes. If the bell rings while the ball is still in play, an extra thirty seconds is added to the clock.

Use of hands

Left handed players are not allowed to hold their stick in their left hand; every player must hold their stick in their right hand, and their reins in their left.


The beginning of every chukker starts at center field. Both teams stand around the referee and he tosses the ball between them.


For a team to earn one point, they must hit the ball between the goal posts (the posts draw an imaginary vertical line which mark the goal section). A goal judge located behind will confirm the conversion by waving a white flag.

Double goal

One of the most notorious and game-changing rules the XPL is implementing. To score a double goal, players will have to hit the ball from behind the 80-yard dotted line.

40 yard start

After each goal, the game is resumed from the 40-yard line from the defender’s side.

Changing ends

In traditional polo, teams switch sides after every goal and after every chukker. To keep things simple for the viewer, the XPL has changed it a bit and teams now only switch after each chukker.

Horse changes

Each player is allowed to bring a maximum of ten horses to the field of play. Due to the intensity of the sport, players tend to change horses every few minutes. There is no limit to how many times a player can change horses in a match, but they are limited to changing within their selected ten horses.

Right of way

When a player strikes the ball, an imaginary line is created. This line can only be crossed by another player if there is sufficient distance between them, otherwise the situation poses a risk to both horses and players involved. Most fouls in polo occur when a player unlawfully crosses this line.


These are shots that are executed at different distances, depending on the severity of the foul, where on the field it was committed, and if the player was likely to score when the infraction took place. Penalties are taken at a distance of 30, 40, or 60 yards from goal, from midfield, or from the spot where the foul took place. Both 30 and 40 yard penalties are undefended.

What people are saying

For several years we’ve been thinking of taking Argentina’s professional polo abroad.

Facundo Pieres

Captain for Ellerstina

With the XPL, we have the opportunity to become one of the best spectators sports in the world.

Juan Zavalía Paunero

XPL Founder

The future for polo is in the hands of those who innovate and push the boundaries.

Camilo Bautista

Las Monjitas Team Owner


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